Facebook changed algoritm, whats next?

21st Apr 2018 1336 Views

Does your small business need to worry about Facebook’s algorithm changes? Should you be worried? Recently, Facebook announced changes that would make businesses and media organisations less visible in people’s news feeds. Some claimed the changes would have a huge impact on businesses that relied on traffic from Facebook to generate sales. So should you worry about the change F

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Why These 8 Trends Will Dominate Real Estate Marketing and Lead Gen in 2018

14th Apr 2018 732 Views

Zillow vs Interhomes Online To say that the real estate lead generation strategies have been in state of flux in the past few years is a wild understatement. While cold calling and sphere prospecting will always work, technology has thrown a monkey wrench in the works. While a growth mindset helps, you still need to find new secret sauces and to learn how to cook with them. To help you find tha

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Move to Spain

06th Apr 2018 948 Views

Are you planning to move to Spain? Move your life to a better place. Interhomes Online makes moving to Spain closer as you think. Wouldn't you love to make the glorious feel-good vibe of your summer holidays last all year? We all would. But did you know that you can achieve it whenever you want to? Think back to how happy you felt during your last holiday. Nothing beats the joy of relaxing on a

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35 marketing plan tools for a winning growth strategy

05th Apr 2018 26657 Views

35 Marketing Plan Tools for a Winning Growth Strategy 4 minute read: When you have a deep arsenal of marketing plan tools to help you organise your strategy, outline your goals, and get your team on the same page, you and your marketing will be much more successful. To help you get your plans and team in order (and improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategies),

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Back-links, how does it work?

02nd Apr 2018 1235 Views

How to Get High Quality Backlinks: 21 Strategies That Still Work High quality backlinks pointing to a website are one of the most important search ranking factors. When other high quality websites link to a website, it sends positive signals to search engine crawlers, telling them the linked-to website is valuable, useful, and a result searchers would be happy to find. All of these factors help

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Do you need a mortgage in Spain?

31st Mar 2018 1796 Views

Do you need a mortgage? Are you planning to buy a property in Spain and you do not want to use all your own money, or you just need a mortgage because you don't have enough funds? Than read this article very carefully to know how it exactly works. If you need a mortgage from the bank it makes things a bit more complicated. In Spain non-residents receive up to 70% and residents up to 80%, from th

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The purchase process in Spain

31st Mar 2018 29635 Views

Finally, the time has come to move your life to a better place. You are planning to buy your dream property in Spain. Most international property finders choosing property portals to find out what is on the market within budget. INTERHOMES ONLINE is one of those portals where you can find properties for sale in Spain, rentals in Spain and holidays for Spain. We have pre-selected for you the best p

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4 tips to sale your property faster

28th Mar 2018 745 Views

Are you selling your property? You don't know where to start or how to promote? Than this blog can be very useful to read. We have 4 great tips to offer how you will sell your home much faster. Smart advertising your home, that's all where it is about. Tip 1: Find the right property portal Find some online property portals which are promoting your property on the global market. Interhomes Online

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InterHomes Online – why it is a unique property portal!?

02nd Dec 2017 67628 Views

InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?   Don't you think that property portals have changed customer behavior in terms of finding most suitable accommodation? I am sure, that when most of you want to find rental properties, you visit portal such as Airbnb or Booking at first, and in most of the cases you don't go further looking in Google or somewhere else, just because

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Is it possible to buy or sell a house using Bitcoin? Is it safe and legal?

02nd Dec 2017 48899 Views

Is it possible to buy or sell a house using Bitcoin? Is it safe and legal? Bitcoin is getting a lot of press lately, mainly because of the significant increase in the value of bitcoins over the last 12 months. Many people are looking at Bitcoin as potential alternative investment strategies and today I want to talk about whether or not you can use Bitcoin to sell your home or to buy a home

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InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?

InterHomes Online - why it is a unique property portal!?   Don't you think that property po


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